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Twisted Sheets: Tales of Sizzling Ménage
Book 2 of The ERWA Anthologies

A tangle of legs. Fingers, hands — too many to count — roaming all over your body. Lovers’ voices, whispering your name in stereo surround. Where numbers matter, Twisted Sheets delivers in 10 scorching ménage tales.


Human Sexuality 101 [FFM] by Selena Kitt
Like a Brother [MFM] by Big Ed Magusson
Group Therapy (a flash fiction collection) [FFM] by Belinda LaPage
The Christmas Party [FFF] by Ian D Smith
Double or Nothing [MFM] by Fallen Kittie
1999 (Tonight I’m Going to Party) [FFM] by Delores Swallows
The Santa Sock [MMM] by Troy Storm
A Striking Dilemma [FFM] by Jean Roberta
The Deal [MMF] by Madison Langston
Three Times Two [FFM] by Avery Weston

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from Belinda LaPage’s Group Therapy

Stripped to his underwear, Tyler had escaped into the bedroom when the first six or eight sex-fiends arrived, their arms loaded with ropes and dildos. This was supposed to be just him and Monica tying up her friend Skye—well, if he was being completely accurate, her gorgeous friend Skye. Three. And then Santo got invited because of Monica’s pegging fantasy—pegging was a bit too gay for Tyler’s tastes. Four; that was it. Like bridge. Or golf.

Monica slipped back into the bedroom. “Hey, do you think you might—?”

“This is not what I signed up for,” Tyler said, watching her closely to see if he was getting through. She seemed much more readily accepting of this fuck-up. “How many are out there now?”

“Well, a few walked when they discovered it was mostly ropes and dildos.” Monica bit her lip. “I dunno, maybe three or four—”

“Oh, thank God.”


Before Tyler could react, the bedroom door burst open and Skye lurched in on a pair of crutches, naked except for a spiderweb of knotted, blue-green rope encasing her legs. Tyler melted inside. His fantasy—a stunning, shimmering mermaid.

“Holy Boy Scouts, Batman,” she said, tossing the crutches into the corner. “There’s enough rope out there for a frickin’ jamboree.”

“Jesus Christ, Skye!” Monica glared at Skye’s crotch, where a thick, golden cock curved upward from a gap in the ropes.

Skye looked down. “Shit. Sorry.” It was a strapless strap-on; she pulled the inner dildo free with a lusty slurp, revealing her swollen lips nestled between closed thighs. “Damn that’s tight with your legs lashed together.” She took a tentative hop. “Give us a hand, will you?”

Tyler floated over on a cloud. Skye just looked so…metaphoric angels sang while he searched for the right word—transcendent! “I’ve got you,” he gulped, putting an arm around her waist.

“Ooh, my big strong crewman,” she purred, holding him around the neck and somehow conspiring to have herself lifted into his arms. “Are you going to pluck me from the sea and make a woman of me?”

“I don’t…I’m not…” Tyler looked around for Monica, realizing suddenly that he held a naked woman, tied up like a mermaid and virtually begging him to fuck her in front of his girlfriend.

Monica had already shed her clothes and was first on the bed. “Come lie down.”

“Um.” Tyler puffed out a shaky breath. “Sure.” Fuck the orgy out in the den. This here was his fantasy writ large in smooth girl-flesh and heaving bosoms. He lowered Skye onto the covers and she wriggled fish-like into Monica’s arms. Oh God, this was better than he’d ever imagined.

“C’mon honey,” Monica waved him closer. “It’s really happening.”

“It really fucking is,” Tyler muttered. He shed his boxers, letting his cock spring free. Jesus, when did I get hard?

A voice spoke up in his head. Probably when you had your hand on the mermaid’s tit.

And he had, he realized. He’d totally been feeling Skye up, and Monica was okay with it—she was so okay with it, she was doing the exact same thing. The girls were all over each other, and Tyler watched with breathless disbelief as their lips met.

What the fuck are you doing? yelled his inner voice. Get in there!


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